Runnymede Borough Council

Planning Application Maps for



    - Addlestone
    - Chertsey
    - Egham
    - Englefield Green
    - Longcross
    - Lyne
    - New Haw
    - Ottershaw
    - Row Own
    - Thorpe
    - Virginia Water
    - Woodham

Runnymede Borough Council

Most local authorities require two OS Sitemaps to be submitted with each planning application:

Block Plan / Site Plan

To show plot boundary and outline of any permanent buildings.

Typically 0.9ha in area at a scale of 1:500 printed at A4.

Location Plan

To locate the property in the surrounding area.  It helps to have at least one road name visible.


Typically 4ha in area at a scale of 1:1250 (or possibly 1:2500 in rural areas) printed at A4.


Inaccurate, out-of-date, unlicensed, or incorrectly displayed plan is the most common reason for an application being turned down. 

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